Our main motto is to make corporate treatment available to all the people at affordable prices.
To save people from unnecessary medications, surgeries and tests.
The Patient is treated based on the disease they suffer not on the money they could offer.
To minimize the health expenses, very reasonable and affordable for the poor and middle class sections.
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M. B. B. S , DNB General Surgery, (MBA) Hospital Management Founder of Care Neo Helping Hands Orphanage ( Karimnagar ) Abhaya Multi Speciality Trust Hospital ( Boduppal, Hyderabad ) (karimnagar), Abhaya Multi Specialty Trust Hospital (Uppal, Hyderabad)
Mobile No: 7032902722/622, Email: venureddy.saigmail.com
With the support of many people like you, our CARE NEO HELPING HANDS ORPHANAGE has fostered more than 100 children enabling them to live and dream just like us! Now with the main aim of medical services available to all in a reasonable prizes we are establishing ABHAYA MULTI SPECIALITY TRUST HOSPITAL at Boduppal area.